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Data: 2010-08-09 | Adăugat de: wh1sp3r
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Lemme ask you this question.Is there, now, as I right this, in your oinpion, Islamic forces at work, by way of Al Quida, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and a litany of organizations fr too numerous to name, finaced with big money from Iran, Saudia Arabia, etc etc, now at work, trying to sneak a Nuclear Device through our porous borders and NUKE one of our cities?Yes or No.If you answered yes and still think we should embrace the culture, the people, the organizations (Which will aid and abett the terrorists and their bomb), than you are a traitor and a disgrace.If you answered no, in my oinpion you are VERY naive. You will also be the guy, who insists he warned us all against letting these pukes and their culture into America.F*ck that pussy AL Gore.

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