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by Kim Hubbard.| My country is the world, and my rioigeln is to do good. by Ralph Waldo Emerson.| The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention. by Richard Moss, M.D..| Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. by Max Ehrmann.| Let the gentle bush dig its root deep and spread upward to split the boulder. by Carl Sandburg.| I am not God, but I am my creator. by Terry Josephson.| To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person. by Bruce Lee.| What worries you masters you. by Haddon W. Robinson.| Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. by William Shakespeare.| All good things which exist are the fruits of originality. by John Stuart Mill.| Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun. by Don Marquis.| Quotation

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