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Xenon Auto si T.I.R de la 217/350 ron, 0743 450 946

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AnonymousI suspect some druistbing quid pro quo is going on with the corporate run media. Liberty Mutual provides them with advertising dollars and Long Term Disability policies as well as auto and workers' comp policies. They keep the largest employers in line this way by saying we'll stop advertising with your company if you don't let us charge premiums to your employees and then when the employee is injured or disabled allow us to deny their benefits. It allows Liberty Mutual to exert control over the employer. Employers this is not the way to make money. You eventually will destroy your customer base. What goes around comes around and I think you are already painfully aware of the problem. You take out consumers when you allow Liberty Mutual to deny injured and disabled employees their rightful benefits. You just need to acknowledge and do something about it. Demand that Liberty Mutual clean up its act or you will drop them in a heartbeat. Liberty Mutual is too arrogant to do it, employers it is up to you.

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