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Xenon Auto si T.I.R de la 217/350 ron, 0743 450 946

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Xenon Super Vision H.I.D 8000k
Vizualizări: 272 | Dimensiuni: 1600x1200px/123.3Kb
Data: 2010-08-10 | Adăugat de: ixenonauto
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1 Danny  
First, thanks for all the vlabaule information you post. As for the latest, the Term of Agreement, it certainly sounds fair to all. My question is with the clause that states your agency remains the agency of record for all contracts negotiated while the agreement was in force. I can certainly understand that part. But then you also get to pursue any secondary rights sales for material on which you sold the primary rights. Would this mean no one else could pursue selling the secondary rights sales?What if it were to happen that the arrangement was ended on quite a sour note and you didn't want to do anything else for that particular author merely out of spite? Does that mean any secondary rights would be totally lost to that author?Just curious. Again, thanks for all your info.

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